ORS 73.0112


Unless otherwise provided in the instrument:


An instrument is not payable with interest; and


Interest on an interest-bearing instrument is payable from the date of the instrument.


Interest may be stated in an instrument as a fixed or variable amount of money or it may be expressed as a fixed or variable rate or rates. The amount or rate of interest may be stated or described in the instrument in any manner and may require reference to information not contained in the instrument. If an instrument provides for interest, but the amount of interest payable cannot be ascertained from the description, interest is payable at the judgment rate in effect at the place of payment of the instrument and at the time interest first accrues.


Nothing in subsection (1)(a) of this section shall affect any right of a holder of a check, draft or order that has been dishonored by nonacceptance or nonpayment or on which the maker or drawer has stopped payment without good cause:


To collect interest on the debt or obligation for which the check, draft or order was given, pursuant to ORS 82.010 (Legal rate of interest); or


To exercise the remedies provided in ORS 30.701 (Actions against maker of dishonored check). [1993 c.545 §15; 1999 c.707 §2]

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