Organization and Corporate Procedures of Domestic Insurers

ORS 732.566
Exemption from ORS 732.517 to 732.596 by director


The registration requirements of ORS 732.517 (Purpose of ORS 732.517 to 732.546) to 732.596 (Request by insurance holding company system for determination or acknowledgement of group-wide supervisor) do not apply to any insurer, information or transaction the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services exempts by rule or order.


ORS 732.521 (Activities that are prohibited unless specified procedures followed), 732.523 (Procedure for acquiring controlling interest of capital stock), 732.526 (Hearing on proposed activity) and 732.528 (Approval of proposed activity) do not apply to a transaction that is subject to the provisions of ORS 732.517 (Purpose of ORS 732.517 to 732.546) to 732.546 (Severability) that relate to a merger or consolidation between or among two or more insurers. [Formerly 732.685; 2013 c.370 §24]


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