ORS 735.540
Definitions for ORS 735.540 to 735.552

As used in ORS 735.540 (Definitions for ORS 735.540 to 735.552) to 735.552 (Pharmacy claims audits):


“Audit” means an on-site or remote review of the records of a pharmacy by or on behalf of an entity.


“Clerical error” means a minor error:


In the keeping, recording or transcribing of records or documents or in the handling of electronic or hard copies of correspondence;


That does not result in financial harm to an entity; and


That does not involve dispensing an incorrect dose, amount or type of medication or dispensing a prescription drug to the wrong person.


“Entity” includes:


A pharmacy benefit manager;


An insurer;


A third party administrator;


A state agency; or


A person that represents or is employed by one of the entities described in this subsection.


“Fraud” means knowingly and willfully executing or attempting to execute a scheme, in connection with the delivery of or payment for health care benefits, items or services, that uses false or misleading pretenses, representations or promises to obtain any money or property owned by or under the custody or control of any person. [2013 c.570 §4]
Note: See second note under 735.530 (Definitions for ORS 735.530 to 735.552).

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