General Provisions and Definitions for Oregon Vehicle Code

ORS 801.305


“Highway” means every public way, road, street, thoroughfare and place, including bridges, viaducts and other structures within the boundaries of this state, open, used or intended for use of the general public for vehicles or vehicular traffic as a matter of right.


For the purpose of enforcing traffic offenses contained in the Oregon Vehicle Code, except for ORS 810.230 (Unlawful sign display), “highway” includes premises open to the public that are owned by a homeowners association and whose boundaries are contained within a service district established on or before July 1, 2002, under ORS 451.410 (Definitions for ORS 451) to 451.610 (Advisory committee for emergency communications system). [1983 c.338 §51; 2007 c.561 §1]


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