Special Registration Provisions

ORS 805.410
Department investigation of farm vehicle proportional registration application

  • cancellation


The Department of Transportation shall have the authority to investigate and verify information provided in conjunction with application for proportional registration of a farm vehicle under ORS 805.400 (Proportional registration for farm vehicles). The department may cancel an identification device for a proportionally registered farm vehicle if the department determines that the owner or lessee of the vehicle, or an employee of either, has:


Operated the vehicle in violation of farm registration limits; or


Falsely certified an application required by ORS 805.400 (Proportional registration for farm vehicles) for registration or renewal of registration of a proportionally registered farm vehicle.


If a farm vehicle proportional registration identification device is canceled under this section, the vehicle is not eligible for registration under ORS 805.300 (Farm vehicle registration) for a period of one year after the cancellation. [1985 c.668 §19]


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