ORS 826.009
Proportional registration of commercial vehicles

Proportional registration allows commercial vehicles to comply with registration requirements of more than one jurisdiction and to have registration fees, taxes or other fixed fees apportioned among the jurisdictions in which the vehicles are being operated. A vehicle may be registered under proportional registration if the vehicle qualifies for proportional registration under an agreement entered into under ORS 826.007 (Authority for proportional registration agreements). If a vehicle is going to be proportionally registered as part of a fleet, ORS 826.011 (Proportional fleet registration) must be complied with in addition to this section. A vehicle is registered in this state if the vehicle is proportionally registered under this section. The following apply to proportional registration:


The terms of an agreement established under ORS 826.007 (Authority for proportional registration agreements) control all of the provisions of proportional registration, including but not limited to the following, except as otherwise provided by this section:




Apportionment of fees, taxes and other fixed fees.


Application and information required.


Requirements for type, manner of display, number or any other provision relating to registration plates, registration cards and other proof of registration.


Any other provision relating to the registration of proportionally registered vehicles.


When initially registered, the registration fees for vehicles registered under this section may be reduced according to the schedule provided under ORS 826.021 (Proration of fees for proportionally registered vehicles).


The registration period for proportionally registered vehicles is a period of four consecutive quarters. The period begins on the first day of any calendar quarter and ends on the last day of the fourth consecutive quarter. All vehicles within a proportionally registered fleet shall be registered for the same registration period. Each carrier may select the calendar quarter in which the registration will begin except that, if necessary for administrative convenience, the Department of Transportation may require a carrier to adopt a registration year chosen by the department.


The department may issue appropriate registration cards, stickers, permits, tabs, plates or other suitable identification devices the department considers convenient for proportionally registered vehicles. The fees for such stickers, permits, tabs or plates are as provided under ORS 826.023 (Fees for cards, plates and stickers).


Any applicant whose application for proportional registration under this section has been accepted by the department shall preserve the records on which the application is based for a period of four years following the year or the period upon which said application is based. Upon request of the department, the applicant shall make such records available to the department at its office for audit as to accuracy of mileage, number of vehicles, weights, computations and payment of fees or shall pay the reasonable costs of an audit at the home office of the applicant by a duly appointed representative of the department. An applicant shall comply with any audit provisions under the agreement allowing the registration.


If a provision concerning the registration of vehicles is not provided under the agreement or under this section, provisions of the vehicle code applicable to registration shall be applicable to proportionally registered vehicles.


If a vehicle qualifies for proportional registration, the department may issue temporary proportional registration permits under ORS 826.029 (Temporary proportional registration permits) to allow operation of the vehicles pending issuance of evidence of proportional registration.


The department may allow a carrier to operate on expired registration plates and registration for up to one extra quarter if the renewal application has been submitted and the required fees for registration have been paid on or before the last day of the registration period for the vehicles. The extension of time allowed by this subsection shall be granted only if the department determines that the extension is necessary for the administrative convenience of the department.


Vehicles registered and identified under this section shall be deemed to be fully registered in this state for any type of movement or operation, except that in these instances in which a grant of authority is required for intrastate movement or operation, no such vehicle shall be operated in intrastate commerce in this state unless the owner thereof has been granted intrastate authority or right by the department and unless said vehicle is being operated in conformity with such authority and rights.


Registration cards may be issued for proportionally registered vehicles. Registration cards issued for proportionally registered vehicles shall be carried on the vehicle at all times or, in the case of a combination of vehicles, the registration card for a trailer may be carried in the vehicle supplying the motive power.


In accordance with provisions of the agreement establishing proportional registration, the department may suspend or cancel the exemptions, benefits or privileges granted thereunder to a person who violates any of the conditions or terms of such agreements or arrangements or who violates the laws of this state relating to vehicles or regulations lawfully promulgated thereunder.


A vehicle may be registered under this section prior to issuance of a certificate of title for the vehicle. [Formerly 768.007]

Source: Section 826.009 — Proportional registration of commercial vehicles, https://www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/bills_laws/ors/ors826.­html.

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