Aircraft Operation

ORS 837.345


A law enforcement agency may operate an unmanned aircraft system for the purpose of training in:


The use of unmanned aircraft systems; and


The acquisition of information through the operation of an unmanned aircraft system.


Any image or other information that is acquired through the use of an unmanned aircraft system by a law enforcement agency under this section, and any evidence derived from that image or information:


Is not admissible in, and may not be disclosed in, a judicial proceeding, administrative proceeding, arbitration proceeding or other adjudicatory proceeding; and


May not be used to establish reasonable suspicion or probable cause to believe that an offense has been committed. [2013 c.686 §7; 2015 c.315 §7]
Note: See note under 837.300 (Definitions).
(Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in State Parks)


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