ORS 96.040
Removal of partition fence


In all cases where the enclosures of two or more persons are divided by a partition fence of any kind and either of the parties thinks it proper to vacate the part of the enclosure of that party or to make a lane or passage between the adjoining enclosures, that party is at liberty to remove the share of that party or part of the partition fence on giving six months’ notice in writing of such intention to the party owning or occupying the adjoining enclosure, or to the agent of the party, if such party is not a resident of the county.


When one party ceases to improve the land of the party or opens the enclosure, the party shall not take away any part of the partition fence belonging to the party and adjoining the next enclosure if the owner or occupant of the adjoining enclosure, within two months after it is ascertained, pays therefor such sum as is agreed upon by the parties or, if they fail to agree, such sum as is adjudged by two disinterested persons, selected by the parties, which two persons, if they fail to agree, may select a third person, and the three persons shall determine such sum. Such partition fence shall not be removed when by so doing it will expose to destruction any crops in such enclosures.

Source: Section 96.040 — Removal of partition fence, https://www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/bills_laws/ors/ors096.­html.

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