OAR 101-005-0050


Treatment of Mistakes. If the Board discovers certain mistakes in a Proposal before award of the Contract, and the mistakes are not identified as those qualifying as non-responsive to the specifications of the procurement, the Board may take the following action unless otherwise allowed under the procurement:


The Board may waive a minor formaility, or permit a Proposer to correct a minor informality. A minor informality is a matter of form(s) rather than substance that is evident on the face of the Proposal, or an insignificant mistake that can be waived or corrected without prejudice to other Proposers. Mistakes including, but not limited to, signatures not affixed to the proposal document, proposals sent to the incorrect address, insufficient number of proposals submitted, incorrect format, etc., will not be considered minor.


The Board may correct a clerical error if the intended Proposal and the error are evident on the face of the Proposal, or other documents submitted with the Proposal, and the Proposer confirms the Board’s correction in writing. A clerical error is a Proposer’s error in transcribing its Proposal.


Rejection for Mistakes. Unless otherwise allowed under the procurement, the Board may reject any Proposal in which a mistake is evident on the face of the Proposal and the intended correct Proposal is not evident or cannot be substantiated from documents accompanying the Proposal; i.e., documents submitted with the Proposal. In order to insure integrity of the competitive procurement process and to assure fair treatment of Proposers, mistakes discovered that are contrary to the specifications of the procurement will be carefully reviewed and will be determined, under the sole authority of the Board, to be waived or not be waived.


If the Board discovers mistakes in the proposal after award, and the mistakes are not considered minor, the Board reserves the right to determine if the award will be revoked and then will re-evaluate proposals deemed to be in second, third, fourth, etc., in the standings.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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