Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Employees' Benefit Board

Rule Rule 101-005-0090
Addenda to an RFP


Issuance; Receipt. The Board may change an RFP only by written addenda.


Notice and Distribution. The RFP shall specify how the Board will provide notice of addenda and how the Board will make the addenda available.


Timelines; Extensions. The Board shall issue addenda within a reasonable time to allow prospective Proposers to consider the addenda in preparing their Proposals. The Board may extend the Closing if the Board determines prospective Proposers need additional time to review and respond to addenda. Unless otherwise specified in the procurement, and except to the extent required by public interest, the Board shall not issue addenda less than 72 hours before the closing unless an addendum also extends the Closing.


Request for Change or Protest. Unless a different deadline is set forth in an addendum, a Proposer may submit a written request for change or protest to the addendum by the close of the Board’s next business day after issuance of the addendum.

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