Rule Rule 104-055-0010


“Applicant” means an Oregon licensed owner/operator of a public or private Cardlock Facility.


“Authority” means the Oregon Office of Emergency Management.


“Cardlock Facility” means a fuel dispensing facility that is licensed by the Office of the Oregon State Fire Marshal under ORS 480.350 (License required for operation of nonretail facility) and that permits nonretail customers to dispense fuel using a card activated or key activated device in accordance with ORS 480.345 (Conditions for operation of dispensing device by certain nonretail customers).


“Emergency” has the meaning given that term in ORS 401.025 (Definitions for ORS chapter 401).


“Fuel Source” means a storage tank from which fuel is dispensed.


“Generator” means a portable device capable of converting fuel into electricity.


“Generator connector” means a connector on a fuel source that allows a generator to connect to the fuel source for the purpose of fueling the generator.


“Grant Agreement” means an agreement between the Authority and the licensed owner/ operator of a public or private Cardlock Facility specifying the legal requirements for grant management, reporting and record keeping as well as the Authority’s monitoring and grant closeout procedures.


“Grant Application Package” means a package of information prepared by the Authority containing grant guidance, application forms and other supplementary information.


“Grant Program” means the Fuel Storage Facility Compatibility Fund Grant Program.


“Grant Selection Committee” means the committee charged with evaluating grant applications for the purpose of determining which Projects will receive funding. The Grant Selection Committee membership may include representatives of the Oregon Department of Transportation, Office of the State Fire Marshal, Oregon Military Department, Oregon Department of Energy, Oregon Office of Emergency Management, Oregon Emergency Management Association, and others who possess expertise in the industry.


“Grantee” means an Applicant awarded grant funds for fuel storage facility compatibility.


“Project” means activity at the eligible Cardlock Facility which enables the Generator Connector to be installed for the purpose of dispensing fuel with a Generator.
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Aug. 4, 2020