OAR 104-080-0000

The purpose of the State of Oregon’s 9-1-1 program in establishing the emergency communications system is to:
(1) Provide for the continued operation of 9-1-1 and emergency communications services statewide.
(a) Provide consistent statewide access to police, fire, and emergency medical service through the emergency communications system when an emergency call is made to 9-1-1.
(b) Support 9-1-1 jurisdictions by continuing to pursue technologies and solutions that improve levels of service and promotes efficiencies in the statewide emergency communications system.
(2) Ensure reliable statewide operation and maintenance of the emergency communications system by providing a public safety answering point with:
(a) Access to the emergency communications system and network for use by the public safety answering point;
(b) Customer premises equipment with comparable functionality; and
(c) A mapping platform to assist with locating an emergency caller.
(3) Distribute and monitor the expenditure of 9-1-1 tax funds in all accounts including the tax funds distributed to 9-1-1 jurisdictions.
(4) Monitor, review and assess the efficiency of emergency communication services throughout the State of Oregon.
(5) Implement the policies and requirements of ORS 403.100 (Policy) to 403.165 (Office to ensure compliance) and ORS 403.235 (Emergency Communications Account) to 403.250 (Primary public safety answering points).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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