Rule Rule 111-005-0044
Small Procurement Process

For a Small Procurement, OEBB may procure Contractor services in any manner it deems practical, including by direct selection, negotiation and award.


Award of Contracts. OEBB will base selections on evaluation criteria which may include, but is not limited to, contractor availability; capability; experience; approach; compensation requirements; previous litigation and remedy applied; customer service history with the OEBB, members and clients; debarment status; and references. Emphasis will be placed on quality customer service, creativity, affordability, and innovation and the improvement of employee health.


Contract. The selected Contractor must promptly execute the Contract. OEBB will execute the Contract only after obtaining all applicable required documents and approvals.


An amendment for additional services shall not increase the total contract cost to a sum that is greater than twenty-five percent of the original contract cost.
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