OAR 115-025-0000


The purpose of these rules is to provide a uniform process for a public employee, group of public employees, labor organization, or public employer to determine whether the public employees of a public employer will be represented by a labor organization for collective bargaining under the Oregon Public Employee Collective Bargaining Act. The rules in this Division apply to the process for obtaining representation, seeking changes in which labor organization serves as the exclusive representative for employees, clarifying or making changes to who is included in a represented group of employees, or for eliminating representation.


The General/Policy and Definitions provided in Division 10 apply to all proceedings under these rules. However, because these rules use certain technical terms applied by the Board when it is called upon to make decisions about representation and unit clarification cases, some additional definitions that relate only to these representation rules are included below in OAR 115-025-0005 (Definitions).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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