OAR 115-025-0071
Voter Eligibility

(1) Voter Eligibility. Public employees eligible to vote in an election will be those:
(a) employed on the date of the election; and
(b) who were employed on a payroll date agreed to by the parties or on a date specified by the Board.
(c) The Board may include as eligible voters other employees who have reasonable expectations of continued employment, including, but not limited to, seasonal employees, on-call employees, or employees on layoff.
(2) List of Eligible Voters. The public employer will submit an alphabetical list of eligible voters, their names, addresses, job classifications, and, if known, personal email addresses and phone numbers to the Board. Unless otherwise expressly agreed to by the parties, the submission will be provided at least twenty (20) days before the date of the on-site election or twenty (20) days before the date set for the Board to mail out ballots in a mail ballot election. The Board will provide each labor organization and other appropriate parties with a copy of the list.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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