Rule Rule 115-040-0032
Lists of Arbitrators or Factfinders


When, pursuant to statute (including ORS 342.934 (Procedure for reduction of teacher staff due to funding or administrative decision)(7) and ORS 342.905 (Appeal procedure)(10)), or at the request of a party, the State Conciliator submits a list of arbitrators or factfinders to the parties to a dispute, the names on the list shall be drawn at random from the panel described in OAR 115-040-0030 (Panel of Arbitrators and Factfinders). However, the State Conciliator will attempt to comply with a joint request of the parties to restrict the list in any of the following ways:


Only arbitrators who are listed on the labor arbitration panel of the American Arbitration Association;


Only arbitrators who are Oregon residents;


Only arbitrators who are Oregon or Washington residents;


Only arbitrators who charge from the Oregon border; or


Only arbitrators who have issued at least two factfinding recommendations under ORS 243.722 (Fact-finding procedure) or at least one interest arbitration award under ORS 243.752 (Arbitration decision final), if the dispute at issue is to be resolved through interest arbitration.


Parties may jointly request a second list of arbitrators or factfinders. A second list will consist of names drawn at random from the panel without regard to any restrictions requested by the parties.


Financial or Personal Interest of Arbitrator. No person shall serve as an arbitrator in any arbitration proceeding in which the arbitrator has any financial or personal interest in the result of the arbitration, unless the parties, in writing, waive such disqualification;


Disclosure by Arbitrator. Before accepting an appointment, the prospective arbitrator shall disclose any circumstances likely to create a presumption of bias or which he/she believes might disqualify him/her as an impartial arbitrator. Upon receipt of such information, the Board shall immediately disclose it to the parties. If either party declines to waive the presumptive disqualifications, the vacancy thus created shall be filled in the same manner as that governing the making of the original appointment.


Vacancies. If any arbitrator should resign, die, withdraw, refuse or be unable to, or be disqualified to perform the duties of his/her appointment, the Board shall, upon satisfactory proof, declare the appointment vacant. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner as that governing the original appointment, and the matter shall be reheard by the new arbitrator, unless the parties mutually agree to a different procedure.
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