Rule Rule 123-005-0010
Access to Records

In carrying out responsibilities under ORS 192.410 to 192.505, the Department shall:


Make restrictions and take precautions necessary to protect the integrity of the records and prevent interference with the regular discharge of the Department’s duties;


Maintain the confidential nature of records as provided under ORS 192.502(16), 285A.090(5), 285B.701(4) and other applicable state or federal laws, including but not limited to protecting the attorney-client privilege, as well as related provisions in OAR 123-017-0040 or other administrative rules.


Allow that public records of the Department to be inspected or examined, subject to prior request, approval and arrangements, during the normal working days and hours of the offices of the Department at which the records are kept. The inspection or examination shall take place at the main office, a field office, or any other reasonable location designated by the Department.
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