Rule Rule 123-070-1100

For purposes of this division of administrative rules, in addition to definitions in OAR 123-001 (Procedural Rules), unless the context demands otherwise:


Contact Agency means the entity that represents publicly funded job training providers. It shall designate a Contact Person charged with interacting with Benefited Businesses and other entities and with representing the Contact Agency on matters related to First Source Agreements.


First Source Agreement means the contract between a Benefited Business and Providers, as executed by a Contact Agency, consistent withthis division of administrative rules, and it has the same meaning as first-source hiring agreement underORS 285C.050, 285C.606 and 461.740. It covers and is applicable to all of the Benefited Businesss hiring or job openings, except for those persons or positions that are:


Hired solely to construct, renovate or install property;


Excluded by a waiver in accordance with OAR 123-070-1500; or


Specified in OAR 123-674-0200 as inapplicable for enterprise zone purposes.


Interagency Agreement is the agreement entered into among Providers as specified in OAR 123-070-1200.


Provider has the same meaning as publicly funded job training provider, as used in ORS 285C.050, 285C.606 and 461.740 and means one of the following:


A local office of the Oregon Department of Human Services that delivers training or employment services for low-income parents, seniors, persons with disabilities and so forth;


An administrative agent for programs under the federalWorkforce Innovation and Opportunity Act(WIOA; Public Law 113128; 29 U.S.C. 3101 et seq.) or amendments thereto;


A community college of this state;


A government or government-supported entity, similar to those in subsections (a) to (c) of this section, that is directly or indirectly engaged in training or assisting people to perform or succeed in the workplace or in a particular occupation; or


Any other entity that is a party to the Interagency Agreement as described in OAR 123-070-1200, but such inclusion is effective only insofar as the entity, including but not limited to a local office of this states Employment Department or Worksource Oregon, remains such a party or serves as the Contact Agency.


Qualified Applicants means individuals who have received job training assistance and who meet the Benefited Businesss minimum requirements for education, experience, reliability and skills, or who are able to meet these requirements within a reasonable time period (as negotiated with the Benefited Business) with training provided either by the Benefited Business or by a Provider.


As used in section (5) of this rule and OAR 123-070-1000, received job training assistance means the individual has received intake or other services from a Provider.
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