Rule Rule 123-070-1000
Purpose and Scope


The purpose of this division of administrative rules is to implement ORS 461.740, under which business firms are required to enter into a First Source Agreement if benefiting from funds derived from the Oregon State Lottery through certain economic or community development programs, as determined by the Oregon Business Development Department.


Provisions of this division of administrative rules also apply to businesses benefiting under the following tax incentive programs, as provided by the relevant statutes:


The Strategic Investment Program under ORS 285C.600 to 285C.626 and 307.123, as specified in OAR 123-623; and


The standard exemption in enterprise zones under ORS 285C.050 to 285C.250, as specified in OAR 123-674.


Requiring Benefited Businesses to enter into a First Source Agreement is intended to help individuals, who are already receiving job training and assistance supported by public funds, by linking these individuals with private sector employment opportunities of businesses that:


Will be hiring in association with the receipt of public benefits; and


Should make a good faith effort to hire and retain such individuals, who are presumed to have low incomes or otherwise face disadvantages in finding employment.


First Source Agreements and this division of administrative rules are not intended to do the following:


Guarantee employment for any such individual;


Dictate the actual hiring by a Benefited Business; or


Necessarily accomplish other public or social objectives associated with employment opportunities.


As used in ORS 461.740(1), good faith effort to hire and retain as employees low-income individuals who have received job training assistance from publicly funded job training providers means the Benefited Business will reasonably honor the terms of the First Source Agreement entered into with the Contact Agency for local Providers.
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Jan. 19, 2020