Rule Rule 123-090-0040
Director’s Review


Projects shall not be funded by the Fund unless the Director finds that:


The Project is or will be supported by the maximum feasible amount of local and private financial participation;


The Project will produce significant long-term, regional or statewide economic impacts;


The Project will not require continuing state subsidies;


The Project does not supplant private investment or duplicate or undermine similar efforts; and,


The Project meets, or can be reasonably expected to meet, at least one of the following criteria:


The Project uses existing human and natural resources to harness Oregon’s economic comparative advantage;


The Project promotes economic and community recovery in Rural or Distressed areas, or among populations suffering economic hardship;


The Project creates, or leads to the creation or retention of jobs of higher income for Oregonians;


The Project promotes the development of new national and international markets for goods and services produced in Oregon; or,


If the Project affects land use, it must satisfy the applicable requirements of OAR chapter 123, division 8 of this Department.


Funding decisions shall be made by either the Governor or the Director.
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Feb. 4, 2021