Oregon Oregon Business Development Department
Rule Rule 123-090-0010

For the purposes of these rules additional definitions may be found in Procedural Rules, OAR 123-001. For purposes of this division of administrative rules, unless the context demands otherwise:


“Administrative Expenses” mean any agency expenditures included under the classifications of expenditures, except categories of debt service and special payments, which are prepared and prescribed for purposes of agency budget-making and accounting.


“Community” means an area or a locality in which the body of inhabitants has common economic or employment interests. The term is not limited to a city, county or other political subdivision and need not, but may be, limited by political boundaries.


“Fund” means the Strategic Reserve Fund established by ORS 285B.266 (Strategic Reserve Fund).


“Debt Retirement” means payment in full of the balance owed on the principal of a loan.


“Debt Service” means the interest and charges currently payable on a debt, including principal payments.


“Rural Area” means an area located entirely outside of the acknowledged Portland Metropolitan Area Regional Urban Growth Boundary and the acknowledged urban growth boundaries of the cities of 30,000 or more in population, including Albany, Bend, Corvallis, Eugene, Springfield, Salem, Keizer or Medford.
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