Rule Rule 123-600-0140
Budget Limits and Payments


Amount of Credits Allowed for a Facility. During any calendar year, a Manufacturing BETC preliminary certificate shall not be issued for more than:


$40 million in maximum eligible facility costs for a renewable energy resource equipment facility, not including those used to manufacture electric vehicles;


$2.5 million in maximum eligible facility costs for a facility used to manufacture electric vehicles;


Fees for Certification. The Department has established the following schedule for payments to accompany an application as required under 285C.555 (Rules).


Included with each application for preliminary certification shall be an initial payment payable to the Department. The payment is 0.0060 multiplied by the facility eligible cost and not to exceed a payment amount of $75,000, and subject to additional expenses incurred by the Department as described in this section.


A refund shall not be granted for any reduced eligible costs that are included in an amended certificate.


An additional application payment shall be paid as specified in (3)(a) of this rule if a request to amend a certificate to increase the eligible cost.


No facilities shall be exempt from these requirements.


Applications for preliminary certification shall not be reviewed or considered complete if not accompanied by the fee payment. Preliminary certificates shall only be issued if the application is complete. In addition, the Applicant may be required to pay for expenses incurred by the Department in connection with the application that exceed these payments and which the Department determines are incurred in connection with processing the application. The Applicant shall be advised of any additional application expenses the Applicant shall pay before the expenses are incurred by the Department.
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