Rule Rule 123-600-0110
Process Overview


Application Stages. The Department reviews an application for a Manufacturing BETC in two stages.


The first stage is called preliminary certification. Prior to submitting an application and fee payment, the Applicant must contact the Department to initiate a pre-screening process. Once accepted, the application is subject to in-depth review of the manufacturer’s technology, financial model and plan, which may be conducted by a third party contractor selected by the Department for the purpose of determining if a preliminary certificate shall be issued. If the Department determines that the Applicant qualifies for a Manufacturing BETC, the Department may issue a preliminary certificate. The preliminary certificate may contain specific criteria and conditions for the facility to meet in order to complete final certification based on the information provided in the application for the BETC and type of facility that is described in the application. In addition, the Department shall require the Applicant to enter into a performance agreement or other similar agreement as a condition of approval.


The second stage is called final certification. During this stage the application is subject to verification of completion of the facility in accordance with conditions and criteria imposed in the preliminary certificate and performance agreement, and the determination of final eligible costs for purpose of issuing the final tax certificate.


Application. To begin the review process for each stage as described in 123-600-0120 (Preliminary Certification) and 123-600-0130 (Final Certification), or to change the facility during the review process, an Applicant shall submit the information on the application form approved by the Department and additional information as requested by the Department.


Receipt of Applications. Applications shall be considered received on the date marked received by the Department, unless the application is determined to be incomplete.


Pass-through Option Commitment. An Applicant planning to use a pass-through partner should indicate their intention on the application for preliminary certification and shall select the pass-through option on the application for final certification.


Conditions for Approval. The Director may impose conditions in approving a preliminary or final certificate that the facility shall operate in accordance with the representations made by the Applicant, and any applicable rules or standards adopted by the Director in accordance with the provisions of ORS 285C.540 (Definitions for ORS 285C.540 to 285C.559) to 285C.559 (Revocation of certificate).


Separate and Distinct Facilities. The Director may issue only one Manufacturing BETC for each separate and distinct facility under these rules. To determine if a facility is separate and distinct, the Director will consider such factors as phases of development, expansion of or additions to existing facilities or product lines, increased production and number of jobs created or maintained by an Applicant.
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