Rule Rule 123-656-0100

OAR 123-001 (Procedural Rules) and 123-650 define terms used in this division of administrative rules. In addition:


As used in ORS 285C.085(4)(b), all areas within both the federal enterprise zone and the city, county or port are included in a state enterprise zone means that the state enterprise zone will need to encompass all of the Federal Enterprise Zone inside the territory of any city, port or county that will sponsor the zone. This is true regardless that such territory is also inside an overlapping city, port or county that neither sponsors nor consents to the zone, in that not every city, port or county needs to sponsor or consent as required under ORS 285C.065, 285C.066 or 285C.068, but other jurisdictions may consent to include parts of the Federal Enterprise Zone that are outside sponsor territory in the state enterprise zone consistent with OAR 123-650-0500.


As used in these administrative rules, unless the context demands otherwise:


Federal Enterprise Zone is a designation by an agency of the U.S. government that is:


Not terminated;


Located at least partially in this state;


Delimited by formal boundaries and an established period of existence lasting five or more years;


Intended at least in part to create or improve economic opportunities and development within the local community;


Provided for by federal law that includes congressionally authorized benefits for purposes of paragraph (D) of this subsection;


Qualified based on federal guidelines, including but not limited to criteria for a level of economic hardship generally comparable to that indicated under ORS 285C.090;


Subject to a significant degree of national selectivity and uniqueness, in relation to paragraph (F) of this subsection, such that having more than five of any designation type awarded to this state at any one time would be unlikely; and


For example, comparable historically to federal Renewal Communities, Empowerment Zones or Enterprise Communities (but not a Recovery Zone, which many municipalities might easily self-designate).


RENZ means a reservation enterprise zone under ORS 285C.306(2).


RPRZ means a reservation partnership zone under ORS 285C.306(3).


Tribe means one of the federally recognized Indian tribes in Oregon listed under ORS 285C.306(1).
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