OAR 123-656-2000
FEDERAL ENTERPRISE ZONES — Federally Based Designation

For purposes of applying for and designating an enterprise zone under ORS 285C.085 (Federal enterprise zones)(2):


City, port or county governments may seek designation of a zone corresponding to the boundary of a single Federal Enterprise Zone located in the government’s territory:


Submission may be made to the Department at any time without regard to an application form;


Besides a map and so forth of the proposed enterprise zone consistent with OAR 123-650-1500 (Mapping and Defining Zone Boundary), the submission must document the Federal Enterprise Zone’s official existence, location and satisfaction of OAR 123-656-0100 (Definitions)(2)(a), except to the extent that the Department is fully aware of such satisfaction;


Information related to local economic hardship is not necessary;


The governments must send notice and engage in timely communication with local taxing districts in accordance with OAR 123-650-5500 (Notice for Boundary Changes);


A cosponsor of a zone terminated by order of the Director under ORS 285C.245 (Termination)(3) to (5) is not excluded from applying;


Zone sponsor may not elect under ORS 285C.070 (Election to permit hotels, motels or destination resorts as eligible business firms) for hotels, motels or destination resorts to be eligible business firms in the zone; and


The designation may not be the re-designation of an existing or previously existing enterprise zone.


The designation of the zone may be made without regard to any limitation on size or dimensions as described in OAR 123-650-1000 (DIMENSIONS AND BOUNDARIES — Size and Distances) and 123-650-1100 (Extended Rural Distances).


The zone must still conform to requirements for:


Being either urban or rural as described in OAR 123-650-0700 (Rural and Urban Designations), except through a special dispensation in the Director’s Order;


Not containing any area inside any other existing enterprise zone consistent with OAR 123-650-1000 (DIMENSIONS AND BOUNDARIES — Size and Distances)(2); and


Inclusion of all area in each cosponsor that is inside the Federal Enterprise Zone according to OAR 123-656-0100 (Definitions)(1).


The Director shall issue an order to effect the designation.


A (co)sponsor of an existing enterprise zone may not seek designation as described in this rule, if the Federal Enterprise Zone overlaps with a portion of the existing enterprise zone, but rather should avail itself of a boundary change as described in OAR 123-656-2100 (Boundary Changes to Conform to Federal Zone).

Source: Rule 123-656-2000 — FEDERAL ENTERPRISE ZONES — Federally Based Designation, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=123-656-2000.

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