OAR 123-662-1200
Designated Areas

(1) The sponsor of any eligible existing enterprise zone that is not already an E-commerce zone or has not revoked such status may designate itself as an E-commerce zone in accordance with OAR 123-662-1000 (Electronic Commerce Status):
(a) If the Legislature allows additional electronic commerce designations under ORS 285C.095 (Designation for electronic commerce) for enterprise zones, which are currently limited to 15, pursuant to the date that the legislation took effect.
(b) If an enterprise zone that has been an E-commerce zone for more than one year terminates under ORS 285C.245 (Termination), or if a zone sponsor revokes its electronic commerce designation, pursuant to the date that the termination or revocation took effect.
(2) The Department shall maintain and publicize information identifying which enterprise zones are currently E-commerce zones.
(3) The City of North Plains in Washington County is a city designated for electronic commerce under ORS 285C.100 (Alternative designation of city for electronic commerce) effective on March 4, 2002, such that
(a) All areas then or later inside the city limits or urban growth boundary of the City of North Plains are the same as an “E-commerce zone,” as used in this division of administrative rules, but only for purposes of Electronic Commerce and business firms that are eligible on that basis under ORS 285C.050 (Definitions for ORS 285C.050 to 285C.250) to 285C.250 (Redesignation or designation of new zone following zone termination) and 315.507 (Electronic commerce in designated enterprise zone).
(b) The city shall act as the effective zone sponsor and take responsibility for all duties of a zone sponsor as they apply to an Electronic Commerce business firm seeking to utilize areas of the city for special benefits.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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