Economic Development III

ORS 285C.250
Redesignation or designation of new zone following zone termination

(1)(a) Within a reasonable period of time prior to the termination of an enterprise zone under ORS 285C.245 (Termination) (2), the sponsors of the enterprise zone may redesignate the enterprise zone in accordance with ORS 285C.065 (Designation of enterprise zone) and 285C.074 (Documentation for zone designation or redesignation to be submitted to department), except that the redesignation shall take effect no sooner than the date of termination.


The sponsor of an enterprise zone terminated under ORS 285C.245 (Termination) (4) or (5) is not eligible to redesignate an enterprise zone or designate a new enterprise zone for a period not to exceed 10 years after the zone is terminated.


Paragraph (b) of this subsection does not apply to a county government if the terminated zone was also jointly sponsored by one or more cities or ports.


Enterprise zones redesignated under this section are subject to ORS 285C.245 (Termination). [Formerly 285B.689; 2005 c.94 §10; 2005 c.704 §12; 2009 c.33 §5; 2012 c.71 §3; 2015 c.648 §24]
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