Rule Rule 125-030-0021
Charitable Fund Drive Committee


The Charitable Fund Drive Committee shall be composed of seven members, all of whom must be employees of the State of Oregon.


The Director shall appoint members who:


Reflect the diversity of employees including, but not limited to, geography, race, gender, age, chosen profession, disability, and agency affiliation;


Have skills in the following areas:






Organizational skills;


Accounting; and




The Director will appoint members to serve a term of one to three years.


No member may serve more than two consecutive terms.


No member shall take any action that creates a conflict of interest with respect to any fund, federation, or affiliated charitable organization that the member is associated with in a leadership capacity.


The Director will appoint one member as chair. The Governor shall be the honorary chair.


The responsibilities of the Committee are to:


Implement OAR 125-030-0000 to 125-030-0090 (Designation of Direct Recipients) and propose changes for adoption by the Director as necessary;


Establish and enforce policies and procedures for managing the Charitable Fund Drive, recommending any rules for the Director’s adoption;


Prescribe, review and approve initial and renewal applications of funds and federations;


Select, supervise, and establish guidelines for the Charitable Fund Drive Management Organization;


Ensure the funds and federations have equal access to state resources;


Provide and communicate fund drive information to state agencies and fund drive participants;


Ensure the fund drive is free from coercion and unfair or misleading conduct;


Approve budget and costs and ensure funds are properly accounted for;


Hear grievances of funds and federations; and


Prepare and distribute requests for proposals to be used in evaluating and selecting the Charitable Fund Drive Management Organization and make a final recommendation to the Director.
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