Rule Rule 125-030-0071
Charitable Fund Drive Costs


It is the responsibility of the Charitable Fund Drive Committee to allocate the costs of the fund drive to each participating fund and federation. The Charitable Fund Drive Committee will consider such factors as the contributions received by each fund and federation, the exposure of each fund and federation to the employee base, and fixed costs.


Participating funds and federations shall sign a memorandum of agreement with the Charitable Fund Drive Committee and the Charitable Fund Drive Management Organization to develop a cooperative fund drive and pay all costs of the fund drive. Such costs include, but are not limited to, costs incurred for the overall management and coordination of the Annual Charitable Fund Drive; design and printing of brochures and payroll deduction forms; training provided to employee volunteers; promotional events; and any other expenditure deemed necessary and approved by the Charitable Fund Drive Committee.


The Charitable Fund Drive Committee is committed to keeping administrative costs reasonable. Charitable Fund Drive costs are ideally held to less than 10% of total donations per campaign; because donations are not known at the time the campaign budget is set and because donation levels fluctuate, the total campaign budget shall not exceed 12% of the prior year’s total donations.


Interest accrued on employee and retiree donations may be used by the Charitable Fund Drive Committee to offset fund drive costs, including bank transaction fees.
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