OAR 125-040-0001

As used in this chapter unless the context requires otherwise:


“Department” means the Oregon Department of Administrative Services.


“Interagency Mail” means:


Mail that is not legally required to bear United States Postage; and


Originates from persons employed in some capacity by a state agency; and


Concerns official business of a state agency; and


Is addressed between state offices, facilities, or agencies.


“Regular Interagency Mail” includes standard letter and manila envelopes weighing up to three pounds. Interagency parcels means items deliverable between state agencies and not exceeding 102 inches in length and girth combined nor weighing more than 50 pounds.


“U.S. Mail” means items which carry U.S. Postal Service postage paid in full on each piece according to its class and weight category.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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