Rule Rule 125-040-0005
Mail Services


Customers. The Department of Administrative Services provides pick up and delivery of U.S. mail, and interagency mail and parcels for state agencies, as defined in ORS 291.002 (Definitions). These services may be extended to local governments by intergovernmental agreement. Private persons and organizations may not use interagency mail and parcel delivery services.


Private mail:


In compliance with U.S. Postal Service regulations, the department will not accept and deliver mail from private persons and organizations unless the mail carries cancelled U.S. Postal Service postage;


Private mail that does not have cancelled U.S. postage will be stamped “Return for Postage” and sent to the United States Post Office. For example, mail delivered by a professional association for direct distribution to state agency employees will be refused without cancelled U.S. postage;


Items submitted for interagency mail service may be opened and inspected except for sealed letters. The department reserves the right to refuse any item submitted to the state mail system. Items which may be refused include hazardous toxins, biomedical material, disease germs, explosives, personal mail, negotiable instruments such as bonds, cash, bank deposits or bearer instruments, and mail generated by private organizations without indication of cancelled U.S. postage;


Notice of the department’s interagency mail practices will be posted in state mail rooms and pick up and delivery points. Posters are available from the Department of Administrative Services, Services Division, State Mail Operations, 550 Airport Road S.E., Salem, OR 97310-1543. Telephone 378-4708.
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