OAR 125-075-0010
Public Use of Meeting Rooms in State Buildings Under the Department of Administrative Services’ Control


Pursuant to ORS 276.440 (Renting space to public agencies and private citizens) and other related provisions of ORS Chapter 276 (Public Facilities), the Department may permit and schedule the occasional use of certain meeting rooms in the Department-controlled state office buildings by the public on space available basis, subject to restrictions and payment of fees where applicable under this rule. Any interested person or organization may call or write to the Department for information on available meeting rooms or to make reservations. The address and the phone number are as follows: Meeting Room Reservations, Operations & Maintenance Section, Facilities Division, Department of Administrative Services, 1225 Ferry Street S.E., Salem, OR 97310 — Phone: 378-2865.


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The Department shall refuse to permit the use of such meeting rooms when it determines that doing so is contrary to any applicable law or policies of the state, or disrupt the operations of the building or the working of the state government;


The use of the meeting rooms shall not be permitted under this rule for the following types of activities:


Activities which generally produce excessive noise, such as music performances with high amplification;


Activities which will tend to create traffic congestions in the Capitol Mall area in Salem;


Activities considered by the Department as likely to endanger public safety or property;


Activities at which alcoholic beverages are served or used.


Fees for the use of meeting rooms shall be set by the Department. Where applicable, the minimum space rental shall be $15. In addition, a service fee will be charged for any use after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays, and any time on weekends and holidays for security, clean up and other support needs. Whenever special custodial services are required, a fee therefor shall be for not less than two hours.


State agency tenants in Department-owned or controlled office buildings are exempted from the space rental charges. When tenant agency use requires special custodial services, an applicable service fee will be charged. All other users will be charged a space rental charge, and a service fee when applicable.


All non-state users must reserve meeting rooms early, at least seven days in advance and pay all applicable use fees in advance of the dates or times reserved. Any cancellation must be made as soon in advance as possible to allow rescheduling. When a scheduled user fails to cancel the reservation at least three business days in advance, the scheduled user may forfeit charges for the period reserved for use.


Scheduling of such meeting rooms will be done in order of priority first to state agencies, second to other public agencies, and third to private citizens or organizations.


The Division reserves the right to cancel or alter any scheduled or reserved use of any meeting room when it considers necessary for public safety under emergencies.


All users of meeting rooms shall leave the rooms in a reasonably clean condition after each use. In case an excessive clean up by the Department’s personnel is necessary, the user may be billed for the additional custodial services for the cleanup.

Source: Rule 125-075-0010 — Public Use of Meeting Rooms in State Buildings Under the Department of Administrative Services’ Control, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=125-075-0010.

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