OAR 125-075-0005
Use of the Capitol Mall Area Parks and Grounds


The State Capitol grounds including Willson Park, Capitol Park, and other parks and grounds in the Capitol area as defined in ORS 276.010 (Definitions for ORS 276.046 to 276.062), save and except that property used for residential purposes located in the northern portion of the Capitol area, are open to the public for use, subject to restrictions specified in this rule.


The restrictions specified in the City of Salem Code 94.010, as adopted by Salem City Council on October 25, 1955, are hereby adopted by the Department of Administrative Services and, except for the modifications set forth in section (5) of this rule, are made a part of this rule governing the use of the State Capitol area parks and grounds.


Any request for information, applications for permits or reservations for a park or a portion thereof for use should be sent to: Manager, Operations and Maintenance Section, Facilities Division, Department of Administrative Services, 1225 Ferry Street S.E., Salem, OR 97310.


Any use of the Capitol area parks and grounds for the following activities shall require use authorization by the Department:


Sales and solicitations, as provided under the City of Salem Code 94.100;


Public demonstration, as provided under the City of Salem Code 94.090;


Any organized or group activity, as referenced in the City of Salem Code 94.200.


Enforcement of this rule shall be carried out by the Department’s Capitol area security personnel in cooperation with the City of Salem Police Department with the following stipulations modifying the City of Salem Codes 94.010 to 94.990 for the purposes of this rule:


For the purposes of City Code 94.070 on throwing objects, frisbees are exempted from the prohibited category of “other missile”;


For the purposes of City Code 94.100 on sales and solicitations, the Department may follow the Department’s rule OAR 125-080-0000 (Vending Facilities in State Buildings or Grounds Under the Department of Administrative Services’ Control) and 125-080-0010 (Sales or Solicitations in State Office Buildings Under the Department of Administrative Services’ Control) for granting permits;


For the purposes of City Code 94.110, no bathing, wading or swimming shall be allowed in fountains, water displays or systems, with the exception of the Wall of Water Fountain on the Capitol Mall Plaza, in front of the Capitol Building, where wading is allowed;


For the purposes of City Codes 94.160 to 94.180 relative to use of motor vehicles and parking, the Department may follow the Department rules OAR 125-095-0000 through 125-095-0065;


For the purposes of City Code 94.190, the Department shall not permit any overnight use of the parks and grounds subject to this rule;


For the purposes of City Code 94.195 on the use of alcoholic beverages, the Department shall follow the Department’s rule OAR 125-075-0015 (Possession or Use of Firearms, Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Substances on the Grounds, Parking Areas (Structures, Facilities, Lots) and Premises of Buildings Under Department Control)(2), and prohibits use of any illegal drugs or controlled substances by law in addition to any alcoholic beverages;


For the purposes of City Code 94.200, the Department may choose not to set or post any signs for public information on opening and closing hours of the Capitol grounds. However, as provided under section (4) of this rule, the Department will regulate organized activities to minimize traffic congestion in the Capitol Mall area, disruption of state business by noise, such as by high amplification equipment, and informal use of the parks;


No posters or placards may be placed on public grounds except those authorized by the Facilities Division for the conduct of public business;


The State Capitol Building and the Supreme Court Building including their respective entrance areas are outside the jurisdiction of the Department. For any proposed use thereof, inquiries should be directed to the Administrative Services, Legislative Administration Committee, S401 State Capitol, Salem, OR 97310; or the office of State Court Administrator, Supreme Court Building, Salem, OR 97310, respectively.
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