Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Rule Rule 125-120-0070
Leasing Authority


The Department, acting through its Facilities Division, shall supervise and conduct negotiations for all leases, rental agreements and related site selections for office quarters, unless otherwise authorized by the Division in writing.


No lease or rental agreement shall be binding upon the state or any agency unless such lease or rental agreement has been approved by the Division in accordance with ORS 276.428 (Approval and supervision of leases and rental agreements).


The tenant agency Representative, as identified by the Division to the lessor, may communicate with build-to-suit lessors during construction, and with other lessors during remodeling or renovations of office quarters. The tenant agency representative shall not communicate changes in the scope or specifications of lessor’s work directly with lessor’s contractor(s), unless so authorized by the lessor. In any case, all change orders must be processed through Facilities Division.

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Jun. 8, 2021