OAR 125-160-0500
Delivery of Claims, Notices, Responses


The Department shall send any and all notices, letters, responses, and benefits payments by regular mail or other reasonable means to the claimant’s last known residential address or to claimant’s parole or probation officer’s address. Department records of mailings shall be proof of mailing and shall constitute delivery.


Department may refuse to mail to a post office box when it deems reasonable to do so. Department shall not mail to General Delivery, message services, drop boxes, or third party addresses. Payments and notices mailed by Department to claimant shall say “do not forward” or similar wording required by the delivery carrier to prevent forwarding of mail.


Claimant shall file all claims, requests, and appeals in writing by mail. Claimant may file by electronic facsimile to department’s Fax number if claimant mails the original to Department on the same day. No claim or information necessary to a claim may be delivered by claimant by means of electronic computer mail or orally in person or by telephone. Only physical receipt by Department shall constitute delivery.


Department and Corrections shall have no duty to give advice or notify, warn, or remind any claimants or potential claimants of their rights or duties under these rules. This includes the deadlines for filing requests or claims. Should Department give incorrect information, that shall not relieve the recipient of his or her duty to conform to these rules nor shall it alter any benefit to which the person may be entitled under these rules.


Department may make available to Corrections and to any requesting law enforcement agency or publicly funded benefit program, any information provided to it under these rules. The requesting entity shall make its request in writing and state therein that the records are sought in connection with a valid investigation of a crime, or of a request for benefits.

Source: Rule 125-160-0500 — Delivery of Claims, Notices, Responses, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=125-160-0500.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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