OAR 125-160-0700
Suspension and Forfeiture of Benefits


Claimants shall keep the Department informed of their current status and circumstances in all respects as they may bear on the requirements of these rules. Status, as used here, may include employment, medical condition, mailing and physical residence addresses, confinement, or any disqualifier for benefits. The Department may also require a claimant to complete and sign a written status report at any time before releasing any benefit or payment.


The Department may temporarily suspend any or all payments to any claimant of any kind. Temporary suspension and the method of restoration shall not be subject to appeal. Suspension may be made for the following:


As necessary due to inadequate funding for the Inmate Injury component of the state Insurance Fund.


When claimant is believed by Department to be confined, to have moved without notifying Department, to have recovered from the disability that was expected to be permanent, or to have abandoned the claim.


As requested by Corrections or parole or probation officers seeking claimant.


When claimant does not respond to an inquiry from Department or fails to complete and return any status report requested by the Department or attending physician.


When Department is notified in writing by any corrections or law enforcement agency that a warrant is outstanding for the claimant’s arrest or that claimant is sought in connection with escape or a crime.


When Department’s inquiry or request for information is unanswered by claimant or is answered with an unsigned response or one that does not appear to be the claimant’s.


When it appears to Department that benefit checks or warrants are being negotiated by someone other than the payee.


When an overpayment is discovered.


As otherwise provided in these rules.


After claimant provides satisfactory evidence that there existed and exists no cause for forfeiture or termination, Department shall restore and resume payments. Department, shall restore by lump sum, temporary increase in award, or extending the period of award as it may deem reasonable. No interest shall be paid.


Though the months suspended shall count against the period for benefits, suspended payments shall be forfeited if:


Claimant was confined, was not cooperating in his recovery, had recovered from the disability, or in any way ceased to be eligible for benefits under these rules.


Claim was declared abandoned after final award.


Claimant was in unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, was an escapee from any confinement, or was under order to appear for an outstanding felony warrant.


Any payments were overpayments or were negotiated by someone other than the payee without payee immediately notifying Department.


If for any reason, Department learns it has paid claimant more than is due under these rules or Department is billed for a medical service claimant did not use or attend, Department may offset the payment by benefit reductions. It may temporarily suspend and not restore payments, reduce the award, or shorten the period of payments as it may deem reasonable to recover the overpayment. Department may also exercise any other recovery right allowed it by law.

Source: Rule 125-160-0700 — Suspension and Forfeiture of Benefits, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=125-160-0700.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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