OAR 137-090-0160

All information in the Criminal Intelligence file is eventually removed and destroyed. Its removal and destruction is in accordance with the following purge and destruction criteria:


Purging Constraints: All file material selected for purging and destruction will only be removed and destroyed when it meets the requirements of these rules.


Purge Criteria: Information is only purged when it is:


No longer useful;


No longer relevant;






Beyond retention period;


Unverifiable; or


Inconsistent with mission.


Purging Process: The first step for determining which documents in file require purging begins with their selection according to purge criteria as described in section (2) of this rule.


Process for Retention: When the CIUS wishes to retain information which has been recommended for purge, he/she must substantiate his/her reasons for retention to the Chief Investigator. Final decision on retention is made by the Attorney-in-Charge of the Organized Crime Section. In matters of great exception, the final decision will be made by the Chief Counsel of the Criminal Justice Division.


Retention Period: Any information ordered retained will be placed in the permanent section of the central file for a new retention period of five years from date of re-entry.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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