OAR 137-090-0200
File Index Number System


General Information:


The CIU’s criminal intelligence files are indexed according to a modified Dewey Decimal System. In the CIU’s system, file categories and sub-categories are separated by decimal points;


File categories are created or deleted at the request of CIU personnel as needs arise for more crime topic areas. The list of authorized crime topics is always in a state of change. A request for a change in the index system is first brought to the attention of the CIUS through the use of the memorandum. If approved by the CIUS, the index system is altered to reflect the change and an updated file index list is distributed to all CIU personnel possessing copies of file guidelines.


Crime Topic:


Crime topics are those authorized for collection, storage, and dissemination according to the mission of the CIU. The crime topics list is classified confidential and is not to be duplicated or released outside the CIU without the express authorization of the CIUS. The list is for official staff use only;


The crime topics list is not to be removed from the CIU file room without the approval of the CIUS.


Use of Index Numbers: The file category, general, is only used when there is insufficient data available to indicate a more specific index selection.


Spread of Index Numbers: The index system is displayed as several independent groupings of numbers separated by decimal points. The following defines the various groupings.


Group 1 (Mission): Index numbers in the first position represent the subject of the file. As examples are the following: 10. Political Corruption; 20. Major Financial Crimes; 30. Traditional Organized Crime; 40. Emerging Criminal Gangs and Street Gangs; 50. General;


Group 2 (Crime Group): Index numbers in the second position represent documented, definable criminal organizations.


Group 3 (Crime): Index numbers in the third position represent crime the subject is involved in;


Group 4 (Geographic Assignment): Index numbers in the fourth position represent geographic areas;


Group 5 (File Position): Index numbers in this last group represent the document’s position in the file. The numbers are assigned chronologically.

Source: Rule 137-090-0200 — File Index Number System, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=137-090-0200.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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