OAR 141-100-0020

The Department will:


Preserve. Preserve the natural setting and free-flowing character of State Scenic Waterways and related adjacent lands for recreation, fish and wildlife uses for present and future benefit to the public.


Recognize Best Use of Waters. Recognize recreation, fish and wildlife uses as the highest and best uses of the waters of a State Scenic Waterway.


Protect. Protect the outstanding scenic, geological, botanical, historic, archaeological, outdoor recreation and fish and wildlife values along State Scenic Waterways by protecting the special attributes (as listed in each Scenic Waterway Management Plan prepared by OPRD) that caused the waterway to be included in the Scenic Waterway system.


Require Non-structural Techniques. Require applicants to employ streambank stabilization and rehabilitation techniques utilizing native riparian vegetation and other non-structural alternatives, unless it can be demonstrated such approaches are unlikely to be effective for the given situation under consideration by the Department.


Require Permits Prohibit filling, removal and alteration of the beds and banks of State Scenic Waterways, except as provided under OAR 141-100-0035 (Exemptions from Permit Requirements in State Scenic Waterways), unless a permit is issued by the Director as provided in these rules.


Cooperate with Local, State and Federal Agencies. Recognize the interrelated nature of regulatory activities affecting State Scenic Waterways and the need to achieve coordinated management and protection of State Scenic Waterway values. The Department shall work in close cooperation with state, local and federal agencies, particularly OPRD, Water Resources Department (WRD), Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (COE), affected tribes, and local government land use planning agencies.


Provide for Public Comment. Recognize the high level of public interest in State Scenic Waterway management by providing opportunities for comment on proposed policies or rules and individual applications.


Ensure Compatibility with Land Use. Adhere to the Department’s State Agency Coordination Plan (OAR 141-095-0005 (Purpose) through 141-095-0015 (Applicability of State Agency Coordination Program to Department Rules and Programs)), to assure compliance with the statewide planning goals and compatibility with acknowledged city and county comprehensive land use plans.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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