Oregon Department of Revenue

Rule Rule 150-315-0065
Higher Education Savings (529) and Achieving A Better Life Experience (ABLE) account credit recapture

(1) If an unqualified withdrawal under ORS 315.653 (Forfeiture of prior tax relief)(1) is made from a 529 or ABLE account, the taxpayer who received tax benefit of the contribution must forfeit that benefit.
(2) To determine whether a forfeiture is necessary, the amount of non-benefit contribution must be determined. The amount of non-benefit contribution is the total of:
(a) Deposits into a 529 or ABLE account for which no corresponding tax benefit was received and;
(b) Any interest earned in a 529 or ABLE account.
(3) The amount of unqualified withdrawal in excess of the non-benefit contribution calculated in section (2) is subject to recapture.
(4) The amount of the recapture is based on the tax benefit received on the most recent contribution and must be reported in the tax year in which the withdrawal took place.
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