Oregon Department of Revenue

Rule Rule 150-315-0142
Pollution Control Facilities: Information to be Furnished Upon Request

Upon request of the department, each taxpayer claiming a pollution control facility tax credit shall provide a statement containing the following information for each facility:


The certificate serial number assigned under ORS 468.170 (Action on application).


The computation of the amount of the tax credit allowable for the tax year covered by the return. For each facility show:


The actual cost certified;


The portion of actual cost allocable to pollution control and the percentage of cost available as a credit for the current year;


The amount of credit claimed for the current year;


The total amount of credit claimed for this facility on prior returns.


The amount and computation of each carry-over credit claimed under ORS 315.304 (Pollution control facilities) as to each facility. In computing the tax credit attributable to a particular facility, the taxpayer may have to apportion the total credit used in a particular year to each separate certification of a facility or facilities. Where a part of a facility or of a group of facilities under one certificate has been sold, exchanged, or otherwise disposed of, appropriate adjustments must be made for the total prior credits claimed.


The date of erection, construction, or installation.


The facts showing compliance with the requirements of ORS 315.304 (Pollution control facilities) as to ownership (or purchase under contract), lease, conduct of the trade or business under agreement, or having a beneficial interest in a resource recovery facility. A copy of the certificate issued by the Department of Environmental Quality and copies of agreements for the conduct of a trade or business shall be attached to the statement.

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