OAR 160-050-0160
Statutory Lien Miscellaneous Services


In addition to debtor name based search requests and summaries, the Secretary of State, Corporation Division, Uniform Commercial Code Section may provide other information retrieval and research services:


The fees for research service shall be $20 per hour based on actual costs incurred. Amounts of less than one hour shall be charged in 12 hour increments;


The fee for research service computer printouts shall be $1 per page.


The UCC section may charge a fee for supplying copies of the Farm Products and Statutory Lien electronically stored records on request. Farm Products and Statutory Liens information shall be furnished according to the fees and formats outlined in OAR 160-040-0106 (Summaries of Records) and 160-040-0107 (Fees for Summaries of Records).


Upon filing an agricultural statutory lien (ASL, APL, and GPL), the filer will be provided with a list of persons who have filed a financing statement under ORS 79.4010 that perfects a security interest in the inventory, proceeds or accounts receivable of the lien debtor or purchaser.


This list will be produced using the same search logic as for search requests under OAR 160-040-0502 (Search Requests — Optional Information).


The information provided to the filer will correspond to a search report as defined in OAR 160-040-0504 (Notice of Changes)(1) through (6).


The search report will be provided at the same time as the acknowledgment of the ASL, APL or GPL filing.

Source: Rule 160-050-0160 — Statutory Lien Miscellaneous Services, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=160-050-0160.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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