OAR 166-300-0020
Facilities/Property Records


Asset Inventory Reports Inventory records documenting the capitalized and expendable assets of the agency. Examples of capitalized assets may include but are not limited to buildings, real estate, infrastructure assets, vehicles, equipment, and furniture. Examples of expendable assets include office supplies and other small, office purchases. Information may include asset number, description, purchase order number, location of asset, date received, purchase price, replacement cost, depreciation, and related data. This record series applies to routine property control inventories. (Retention: (a) Retain records of capitalized assets: 3 years after disposal or replacement of asset, destroy; (b) Retain records of expendable assets: 3 years or until superseded, whichever is longer, destroy).


Building Records Records document the original construction and/or remodeling of state-owned or leased facilities. Records may include but are not limited to original blueprints and floor plans; as-builts; electrical, plumbing, and HVAC plans; documentation of remodeling and major repairs; engineering blueprints; and documentation of all work that alters the structure’s floor plan, stability, or systems. SEE ALSO Computer System Wiring Records in the Information Management Records section. (Retention: (a) Retain records for state-owned facilities: for the life of the structure, destroy; (b) Retain records for leased facilities: 6 years after expiration of lease, destroy).


Damaged/Stolen Property Records Records document reports sent to Department of Administrative Services, Risk Management Division relating to damaged or stolen property. Records may include but are not limited to yearly risk reports, restoration fund inventory reports, policy manuals, property transfer reports, self-insurance manuals, real property reports, money and negotiable securities reports, general risk surveys, and related documentation. (Retention: Retain 4 years, destroy).


Equipment Maintenance Records Records document the maintenance performed on equipment owned and/or maintained by the agency and provide support documentation for warranty, operation, maintenance, service, and repair. Records may include but are not limited to purchase orders, lease agreements, warranties, vendor statements, operating manuals, specifications, serial numbers, service contracts, charge call bills, fax activity reports, service reports, invoices for equipment repair, purchase request forms, and related documentation. SEE ALSO Vehicle Records in this section. (Retention: Retain 1 year after equipment disposed of, destroy).


Equipment/Property Disposition Records Records document the location, use, and transfer of agency-owned property and equipment. Records may include but are not limited to expendable property inventory listings, property disposition requests and notices, equipment transfer memoranda or forms, and correspondence. (Retention: Retain 4 years, destroy).


Facility Work Orders Records document requests and authorizations for services and/or repairs to agency property or buildings. Records may include but are not limited to property and equipment repair requests and authorizations, and correspondence. Types of repairs/services include telephone service orders and routine building maintenance, such as changing lights, and minor electrical or plumbing problems. SEE ALSO Work Orders in the Administrative Records section. (Retention: Retain 4 years, destroy).


Hazardous Substance Employer Survey Records Records document the locations, quantities, and individuals responsible for specific hazardous chemicals housed by an agency. This survey is required by the State Fire Marshal. Records may include but are not limited to hazardous chemical compositions, lot numbers, and emergency disposition instructions. The State Fire Marshal maintains the statewide record copy. (Retention: Retain until superseded or obsolete, destroy).


Master Material Safety Data Records Records document all hazardous chemicals currently used and held by an agency. Records may include but are not limited to hazardous materials safety sheets, safety instructions, and emergency instructions. (Retention: retain until superseded or chemical no longer in use, destroy).


Pesticide Application Records Records document the application of pesticides to agency buildings or grounds as required by the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA). Records may include but are not limited to pesticide applicator license information, lists of pesticides used, amount of pesticides used, dates of application, applicator notes, and work orders. (Retention: Retain 2 years after report submitted to ODA, destroy).


Vehicle Records Records document the purchase, maintenance, and disposition of an agency’s fleet vehicles. Records may include but are not limited to purchase records, maintenance and repair logs, maintenance requests and work orders, vehicle registration logs, gas card issuance logs, gas slips, repair notices and authorizations, accident records, repair estimates, photographs, and related correspondence. SEE ALSO Vehicle Accident Records in the Risk Management Records section. (Retention: Retain 2 years after vehicle disposed of, destroy).

Source: Rule 166-300-0020 — Facilities/Property Records, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=166-300-0020.

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