OAR 166-300-0035
Payroll Records


Deduction Registers Records document voluntary and/or required deductions from the gross pay of agency employees. Deductions may include federal income and social security taxes, state income tax, workers’ compensation, union dues, insurance, deferred compensation, credit union, parking permit, pre-written checks, garnishments, levies, charitable contributions, and others. (Retention: (a) Retain registers documenting state and federal taxes: 5 years, destroy; (b) Retain all other deduction registers: 4 years, destroy).


Employee Payroll Records Records document individual employee pay history. Records may include but are not limited to source documents authorizing payroll deductions and withholding such as Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) enrollment forms, insurance applications, beneficiary designations, leave authorizations, pay related personnel action documents, garnishment records, child support claim records, electronic deposit authorizations, work out of class and overtime authorizations, deduction reports, and correspondence. SEE ALSO Employee Personnel Records and Employee Benefit Records in the Personnel Records section. (Retention: (a) Retain PERS enrollment records: 75 years, destroy; (b) Retain garnishment records: 4 years after resolution, destroy; (c) Retain deduction authorization records: 3 years after superseded, eligibility expired or employee separation, destroy; (d) Retain all other employee payroll records: 3 years after employee separation, destroy).


Employee Time Records Records document hours worked and leave hours accrued and taken by agency employees. Information may include employee name and other personally identifiable information, work schedule, days and time worked, leave time, and approval signatures. (Retention: Retain 4 years, destroy).


Federal and State Tax Records Records document the collection, distribution, deposit, and transmittal of federal and state income taxes and social security tax. Records include the federal Miscellaneous Income Statement (1099), Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certificate (W-9), Employers Quarterly Federal Tax Return (941, 941E), Tax Deposit Coupon (8109), Withholding Allowance Certificates (W-4), Wage And Tax Statements (W-2), and related federal and state tax forms. (Retention: (a) Retain Withholding Allowance Certificates (W-4): 5 years after superseded or employee separation, destroy; (b) Retain all other federal and state tax records: 5 years, destroy).


Family Medical Leave Records Records document leave taken by agency employees under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. Records may include but are not limited to leave requests, payroll wage and hour related data, and records related to medical certifications or medical histories of employees or employees’ family members. Medical records (medical certifications and medical histories) are not personnel records and must be kept in a separate location from employee personnel records, as required by the Family and Medical Leave Act. (Retention: Retain 3 years, destroy).


Leave Applications Records document applications or requests submitted by employees for sick, vacation, compensatory, personal business, family and medical leave, long-term leave, and other leave time. Information may include employee name, department, date, leave dates requested, type of leave requested, and related data. SEE ALSO Employee Time Records in this section. (Retention: Retain 1 year, destroy).


Oregon State Payroll Application (OSPA) Reports Records document reports generated by the Department of Administrative Services Joint Payroll System used to update an agency on employee earnings, deductions and leave accrual. Reports may include Time Sheet Audit and Control Reports, Time Sheet Exception Reports, Payroll Register Detail and Summary Reports, and Deduction Register Detail and Summary Reports. Other reports include FICA Magnetic Tape Reconcile Detail, PERS Current Employee Contribution, Deferred Compensation by Plan, Year-to-Date Corrections, and ACH Direct Deposit Register. Oregon Statewide Payroll Services maintains the statewide record copy of the Leave Accrual Detail Transaction Register (1987 - present), the Payroll Register Detail Report (1951 - present), and the Payroll Year-to-Date Register (1976 - present). (Retention: (a) Retain pre-1987 Leave Accrual Detail Transaction Registers: 75 years, destroy; (b) Retain 1987 and later Leave Accrual Detail Transaction Registers: 10 years, destroy; (c) Retain pre-1951 Payroll Register Detail Reports: 75 years, destroy; (d) Retain 1951 and later Payroll Register Detail Reports: 4 years, destroy; (e) Retain pre-1976 Payroll Year-to-Date Register or Monthly Payroll Registers: 75 years, destroy; (f) Retain 1976 and later Payroll Year-to-Date Registers or Monthly Payroll Registers: 10 years, destroy; (g) Retain all other payroll system reports: 4 years, destroy).


Payroll Administrative Reports (Non-OSPA) Records document an agency’s statistical studies, payroll budget preparation, projections, workload and personnel management, and payroll research. (Retention: Retain 4 years, destroy).


Unemployment Compensation Claim Records Records document claims submitted by former agency employees for unemployment compensation. Records may include but are not limited to claims, notices, reports, claim determination appeal records, and related documentation and correspondence. (Retention: Retain 4 years, destroy).


Unemployment Reports Records document employee earnings on a quarterly basis, which are used to determine costs and charges in the event of an unemployment compensation claim. (Retention: Retain 4 years, destroy).
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