Oregon Oregon State Treasury

Rule Rule 170-061-0020
Requirements for Notice of Call


Notice of Bond Call. Any public body redeeming bonds prior to their stated maturity shall notify the MDAC of its intention to call bonds no later than the date the first bond is called. The notice to the MDAC shall include as a minimum the:


Name or title of issue;


The public body who sold the bonds;


Issue date;


Original issue amount;


Purpose of issue;


Maturity dates, call dates and principal amounts of the bonds called;


Amount outstanding upon completion of the call;


Coupon interest rate;


Call premium, if any; and


Remaining principal amortization schedule.


Address. The notice required by this rule shall be provided in the manner set forth in OAR 170-055-0001 (Definitions and Notice to Treasurer)(4).


Exceptions. The OST, at its discretion, may waive any or all provisions of this rule. OST will notify the MDAC of waivers.

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