OAR 177-037-0010
General Policy


General: It is the policy of the Lottery to conduct security background investigations on Lottery Vendors and Lottery Contractors to ensure the competence, integrity, background, good character, and the nature of the true business ownership and control of a Vendor or Contractor.


Disclosure: To assure the security and integrity of the Lottery and Lottery games, the Director may require a Vendor, including any Control Person of the Vendor, or any employee or subcontractor of the Vendor that Lottery determines may have access to sensitive or secure Lottery information, to disclose and provide any information or disclosures deemed necessary to approve the Vendor as a Lottery Contractor. When required by these rules or by the Director, the Vendor must submit an application for approval to be a Lottery Contractor on disclosure forms provided by Lottery and must include all information and disclosures requested.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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