OAR 177-037-0030
Major Procurements


General: In all solicitations for a Major Procurement, Lottery shall clearly identify the solicitation as a Major Procurement.


Disclosure: All procurements classified as a Major Procurement require an extensive security background investigation and are subject to all disclosure requirements specified in ORS Chapter 461 (Oregon State Lottery) and OAR chapter 177, division 37, and any other special disclosure requirements deemed necessary by the Director or the Commission. An Offer or Proposal for a Major Procurement must include an application for approval to be a Lottery Contractor, including all required information and disclosures, and must be on forms provided by the Lottery.


Continuing Disclosure Requirement: Unless otherwise specified in the Contract for a Major Procurement, during the term of the Contract a Contractor must update any information or disclosures submitted in the application for approval to be a Lottery Contractor within thirty days of any change.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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