OAR 177-051-0010

For purposes of division 51, the following definitions apply, unless the context requires otherwise:


“Drawing” means a certain type of promotion in which the Lottery, or a drawing agent, randomly selects an entry from among entrants in order to award a promotional reward or giveaway to the person whose entry is selected.


“Giveaway” means Lottery-branded merchandise, cash, a coupon, or any other item of value given by the Lottery to a person as a means of promoting the sale of the Lottery’s tickets and shares.


“Player Loyalty Program” refers to a promotional program offered by the Lottery to encourage loyalty to Lottery products, where persons who qualify must register to become a member in order to participate in the Player Loyalty Program.


“Promotion” means an activity that directly or indirectly promotes the sale of Lottery tickets or shares through use of a Player Loyalty Program, promotional rewards, giveaways, or any other item or player incentive offered by the Lottery.


“Promotional Reward” means an item of value that may be awarded to a person in a promotion through a drawing.


“Website” means the Lottery’s Internet address at www.oregonlottery.org, or any other website that may be specified by the Lottery for a particular promotion or promotional program.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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