OAR 177-075-0000

For purposes of the Oregon Megabucks game (sometimes referred to as “Oregon’s Game Megabucks”, the following definitions apply except as otherwise specifically provided in OAR chapter 177 or unless the context requires otherwise:


“Grand prize pool” means the amount of money required to fund an advertised Grand prize. The Megabucks Grand prize may also sometimes be referred to as the Megabucks Jackpot prize.


“Exchange ticket” means a computer-generated, printed paper issued by a terminal to replace a Megabucks game ticket that had been purchased for play in consecutive Megabucks Lotto games and was validated as a winning ticket before the latest drawing appearing on the game ticket. An exchange ticket shall contain the exact game play and future drawing date(s) appearing on the validated game ticket it is replacing and shall have all other characteristics of a game ticket except as otherwise stated in these rules. An exchange ticket shall not contain a ticket price.


“Game board” or “boards” means that area of the Megabucks play slip which contains 48 squares numbered 1 through 48.


“Game ticket” or “ticket” means a Megabucks ticket produced by a terminal, which contains the caption “Megabucks”, two or more lettered game plays each of which has six numbers from 1 through 48 followed by the drawing date, the price of the ticket, a retailer number, and a serial number.


“Kicker” means the play option whereby a player, by paying an additional one dollar for each dollar wagered on Megabucks, is entitled to receive larger prizes for matching three of six, four of six, or five of six numbers.


“Lotto” means a lottery game wherein a player selects a group of numbers, usually six, out of a larger predetermined set of numbers.


“Play” or “game play” means the six different numbers from 1 through 48 which appear on a Megabucks ticket as a single lettered selection and are to be played by a player in a game.


“Privileged terminal” means a terminal authorized to validate prizes over $600.00.


“Quick pick” means the random selection by a terminal of six different numbers from 1 through 48 which appear on a Megabucks ticket and are to be played by a player in the Megabucks game.


“Play slip” or “Game slip” means a card used in marking a player’s game plays. For this purpose, each play slip has ten game boards. Each game board is lettered with one letter from A through J and, when used to purchase a game play, corresponds to the numbers selected and printed on the ticket. An even number of boards, i.e., two, four, six, eight, or ten must be selected on each slip.


“Random number generator” means a computer-driven electronic device capable of producing numbers at random.


“Draw game terminal” or “Terminal” has the meaning set forth in OAR 177-070-0005 (Definitions)(4).


“Winning numbers” means the six numbers between 1 and 48, randomly selected at each drawing, which shall be used to determine winning plays contained on a Megabucks game ticket.
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