OAR 177-075-0010
Ticket Purchase, Characteristics, and Restrictions


General: Oregon Megabucks is a pari-mutuel 6 of 48 lotto game. A player must select an even number set of six different numbers, between 1 and 48, for input into a terminal. Megabucks tickets can be purchased either from a terminal operated by a retailer (i.e., a clerk-activated terminal) or from a terminal operated by the player (i.e., a player-activated terminal). If purchased from a retailer, the player may select each set by marking six numbered squares in any one game board on a play slip and submitting the play slip to the retailer, or by requesting “Quick pick” from the retailer. The retailer will then issue a Megabucks ticket, via the terminal, containing the selected even number set or sets of numbers, each of which constitutes a game play. Tickets can also be purchased from a player-activated terminal by use of a touch screen or by inserting a play slip into the machine. A ticket can contain up to ten game plays lettered A through J. A player may purchase a ticket or tickets for future consecutive Megabucks drawings up to the maximum permitted by the Lottery.


Kicker Option: The player must also choose whether to play “Kicker” when purchasing a Megabucks ticket. The Kicker awards larger prizes for correctly selecting three of six, four of six, and five of six numbers.


Non-Cancellation: A Megabucks ticket may not be voided or cancelled by returning the ticket to the retailer, including tickets that are printed in error or purchased for a future consecutive drawing. The placing of plays is done at the player’s own risk. The Lottery retailer acts on behalf of the player in entering the player’s plays

Source: Rule 177-075-0010 — Ticket Purchase, Characteristics, and Restrictions, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=177-075-0010.

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